Prayer Ebooks

Gods ministry has only one mission, to teach men to "Call on the Lord."  Romans 10 v 13-14 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Calling on the Lord – Prayer will never be more needed than in the times ahead. By every scriptural measure,  we live in the end times now.  No other time in history is so thoroughly described in scripture.  Downloadable Books on Prayer – All ministry should lead us to prayer.

Prayer and Praying Men Study Guide No 1

Practical teaching on prayer  by  E.M. Bounds

This compliments the book below and draws out the lessons taught with insightful questions. Truth must be practiced - it is not a theory or an insight. For use in Men's groups and personal study.

Prayer and Praying Men Book  No 2

Practical teaching on prayer  by  E.M. Bounds

Many books on prayer focus mostly on simply features of prayer. Edward Bounds takes a different approach in Prayer and Praying Men by focusing on persons of prayer. Bounds examines the lives of nine different biblical figures. In his examination, Bounds explores how important prayer was to the spiritual lives of these men. He provides concrete examples of the importance and nature of prayer, grounded in biblical narratives.

The Necessity of Prayer

Practical teaching on prayer  by  E.M. Bounds

In The Necessity of Prayer, Edward Bounds, a 20th century pastor and lawyer, suggests that prayer is an essential part of the Christian believer's life. He writes, "the Christian soldier, if he fight to win, must pray much." Bounds' book, however, is not simply a list of prayers for one to work through, but also a discourse on the very nature of prayer. He connects the nature of prayer to all other features of the Christian life.

The Essentials of Prayer

Practical teaching on prayer  by  E.M. Bounds

It was said of the author, E.M. Bounds, "he was a specialist in prayer and his books are for the quiet hour, for careful meditation and for all who wish to seek and find the treasures of God." This book is a ready helper for those who want to follow his path, with more and better communication with the Lord. Prayer has to do with the entire man. Prayer takes in man in his whole being, mind, soul and body. It takes the whole man to pray, and prayer affects the entire man in its gracious results.

The Reality of Prayer

Practical teaching on prayer  by  E.M. Bounds

Edward Bounds in his powerful book The Reality of Prayer proclaims that there is a spiritual reality to prayer. Prayer brings us closer to God--both through God's answering of our prayers, and through our own character being changed by prayer. Bounds reinforces these points in the second half of his book, where he discusses Christ as both a teacher of prayer and as an example of prayer. Praying is both privilege and the most sacred human duty.